spruce beer

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so this month’s en route (that air canada magazine) made me laugh because of two things:

1) someone’s made a cocktail (the, uh, “Buttstrip”) including as one of the ingredients ¨¦mile bertrand’s spruce beer. (man, it’s been too long since I’ve had a burger and spruce beer down on notre dame…)

2) one of “canada’s best new restaurants” I know by association: I recently met a coke addict that works there.

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  1. xw

    additional link found on smurfmatic: recette de bi¨¨re d’¨¦pinette traditionnelle (as opposed to the bi¨¨re d’¨¦pinette industrielle)

    mmmm, the odd, tree-like taste of industrial spruce beer.

  2. koen

    Lisa is not a coke addict! It’s her roomate that has the powdernose.