mala xiangguo (麻辣香锅)

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Mala xiangguo is a new dish I discovered on my last trip to China; and I’m hoping someone just recently invented this, because I don’t know how I could not have tried it before! After seeing people line up for this dish at different food courts, we finally tried it at a sit-down place called… yep, the name of the … Read More

a day at the beach… in Dalian

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Since it’s December and minus 15°C out, I thought I’d write about the beach. Or at least about the last time I’d been to a beach, which was in Dalian on China’s Northeast coast. Dalian was rated China’s most livable city in 2006–a fact that kept popping up everywhere we went (or maybe we were just watching too many CCTV … Read More


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went to a fabulous restaurant last night on (49) hollywood road, near lan kwai fong. it’s a sichuan-style restaurant called 大平伙, run by a painter. his wife does the cooking. I don’t know how my aunt finds these places–set menu, and I believe set sitting time, in a small intimate place (about 4-5 tables only, and we were the largest … Read More