sugar sugar

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homemade sugar pie is just fabulous. so are roommates that make homemade sugar pie.

met this really… uh… interesting person at work today. was eating in the lunch room and he was just having some tea as he was feeling ill: “no offence, but because I ate chinese food yesterday”.

huh?? ok, whatever. but then he just couldn’t believe I was from new brunswick, because all his “chinese friends” are from toronto. poor him, I must be just destroying his entire stereotyped weltanschauung. (oh he’s a moron in other ways as well, saying I shouldn’t study economics because it doesn’t make money, and similarly I’m crazy to have left calgary…)

so I had a good laugh later when the lawyer who is training us took me aside and said, “I noticed you had to chat with ___ earlier…” and basically said it was okay for me to ignore him because he’s a weirdo who preys on the single women in the office (even though he’s married).

ahhh, good times in an office environment.