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not much to say.

my shoulders hurt from studying.

but I definitely cannot complain after reading this incredible article by this woman graduating from our faculty, who has 3 kids, and… damn, I can’t find it online. maybe because she used the work fuck a lot? who knows. well, for your reading pleasure: have a look at our faculty’s weekly newsletter type-ish thing (and this issue shows how particularly messed up we are) 😉

the quid

I think I’ve lost my skills of coherency for a little while… ratione materiae, or ratione personae?

oh wait, I meant “X to A for life, and then to A’s heirs, but if A marries B, then to C and her heirs.”

trivia/joke from a friend today:

what’s the bombe nucléaire de droit judiciaire privé? anton pillar injunctions.

help me!