separatist restos in montreal

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Lamb dumplings on naan at a xinjiang restaurant in chinatown.
Lamb dumplings on naan at a xinjiang restaurant in chinatown.

I really miss this kind of food–there are muslim restaurants all over beijing, whose specialty is lamb, lamb, and lots of lamb. After I came back I tried an older xinjiang restaurant on côte-des-neiges, and was refreshed by the waitress and her distinctive accent when she greeted us in chinese: the xinjiang people are both beautiful and multilingual (as most minorities are)…not bad for the most landlocked desertous area in the world.

the food in both places is fine, but not quite the same (I probably prefer the one on côte-des-neiges though). oh what I’d do for some 羊肉串…

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  1. Ced

    Oh goody, have you had the hotpot too?

    What I really long for (now with my share of Uyghur food under the belt) is an authentic Shanghainese restaurant. I have seen “northern Chinese” cuisine, but nothing as specific as the specialities of Huadong. Xiao long bao properly done must be the single Chinese dish I miss the most.

    Went there this Wednesday, and were the only table for all evening. Truly hoping they successfully lead the charge on Egg Rolls Chinese Restaurants… On a previous visit, one Russian friend insists that Xinjiang food is of Russian origin (the pilaf dish, especially), while I and Chinese friend are totally convinced that it borrows from Chinese (the la mian)… Heh.

  2. Ced

    Btw, I heard there was one other Uyghur place on Queen-Mary… one of my friends gets infos from a certain Sinoquebec website that has a food column or resto listing (I’m not fluent in Chinese, so.).

  3. xw

    ooh! I didn’t try the hotpot, but I saw a chinese man and his son having it, and it looked yummy!

    actually, what I miss most is sichuan style food — I love spicy hotpot and my personal fav: Ë®ÖóÓã! when I went to taiwan over the holiday I picked up a sichuan-style cookbook… only problem is I have to translate everything (guessing is fun)

    oh god, I love xiaolong bao too (ok, maybe I have a bit of a food obsession, but what chinese doesn’t?). there *is* an amazing place in Toronto (of course), I’ll try to get the name for you. 🙂

  4. C

    oh sure, please!

  5. CW

    Ding-Tai-fong at First Markham Place Mall on HWY 7 one block east of Woodbine has really good Xiao-lon-bao

  6. Ced

    May’ve seen it, and have definitely been to one in S’pore… but sadly Montreal doesn’t have any, or equivalent. :/