pop bites

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small café/takeaway place that a friend and I accidentally found on its opening day last week–cool music, artsy people… and obliging owners who fed us tiramisu & mousse.

so quite by coincidence a bunch of us walked by it last night and I remembered that they were supposed to have parties every saturday. we popped in and found people eating, chatting, drinking, some kids running around, and a DJ playing a bunch of brit rock… really good time, chill atmosphere, and somehow by the end of the night I was in possession of an arctic monkeys CD and poster.

thanks to ben we have a video of the place:

(in case you can’t tell, that’s a cheese fridge in the back next to the wine rack, and as you walk past the CD wall: those are little ovens and microwaves underneath the televisions).

pop bites
upper G/F 3-5 old bailey st.
soho central hong kong
(next to old Central Police Station)