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I am so happy to be not doing something crazy this summer, so I can get back into things I’ve neglected lately…

one thing that has been sadly lacking of late is music. I’ve been lucky to be able to play (an out-of-tune) piano while in new brunswick. a bit (okay a lot) shaky at first, but reading gets easier every day, and I’ve been learning a new satie piece. so fun to be sight-reading chopin nocturnes and waltzes again!

A has threatened suggested having a soirée musicale one of these summer evenings, after he gets his own piano tuned. I love the idea of having schubertiad-like parties, especially if it’s a bunch of ex-musicians pretending like they could play again. 😉 I just need to find a keyboard in montreal that I can hack at over the summer…

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  1. jon-o

    You can use my harpsichord! No, really!

    Not so good for Satie, I suppose, but Sari and I were reading Fritz Kreisler today, and Brahms last week, so anything’s possible.

  2. xw

    hehe, thanks jon-o! the sparseness of satie might be funny on a harpsichord, but why not? 🙂

    when you move to your new digs, you should take the 124 up to my place more often!

  3. jon-o

    I can bike up too! I’ve been biking a lot – it’s getting easier, oddly enough!

    Oh, and I have a blog now! same url…