this is how we roll

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someone has unkindly placed me on my stomach. this is how I get out of it.
anatomy of a roll: unhappy on his stomach

STEP 1: Make sure all my surroundings are clear.
anatomy of a roll 1

STEP 2: Start the momentum going by swinging my enormously heavy head to one side, while simultaneously pushing off with the opposite foot.
anatomy of a roll 2

anatomy of a roll 3

STEP 3: Follow through with my arm.
anatomy of a roll 4

STEP 4: Wait for the dust (and my fatty rolls) to settle.
anatomy of a roll 5

STEP 5: ta-da!
anatomy of a roll 6

2 Responses

  1. Geneva Wu

    Your son looks cute and playful. The first photo looks very much like his grandpa Wu whose nickname was “Big Head” when he was a baby and later a toddler.

  2. xanawu

    hahaha big head! 🙂 My dad mentioned the same thing!