yang wawa

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we’ve just come back from several weeks of holiday in Hong Kong, China (Shenzhen and Xiamen), and Taipei–and wow, was baby S ever popular! especially in China, where girls (and the occasional guy) on the street would often come up and ask to take a photo with him:

Extremely popular in China

(same thing with waitresses in restaurants, shop attendants, etc.)

Extremely popular in China
Extremely popular in China

(not everyone was so forthcoming–some only stared after we passed by)
head turner

it was all a little bizarre… and then on the train from Shenzhen to Xiamen, some little kids saw the baby and started yelling “Yang wawa, yang wawa!” over and over, and were so excited to pet him:
Yang wawa

I asked my parents what “yang wawa” means–and I didn’t quite understand their translation. But perhaps this google image search will give you a (terrifying) idea of what our baby apparently looks like to Chinese people.