a couple of HKU pics

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looking down over the pathway from the east gate of the uni:


where my current course is being held, in meng wah complex:


campus architecture is not the most… aesthetic, let’s say, but since there are palm trees I’ll learn to deal with it.

I’m here a few weeks before the 2nd semester starts because of a special 3-week seminar being offered on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, taught by visiting Professor Stephen Marks (who I believe is on the UN task force on the right to development). good stuff. lots of reading. and interesting discussion because there are many Chinese in the class, and most have an opinion on human rights in China… and tonight’s session we’ll be talking about SARS.

btw, please forgive my long delay in responding to email: because I came early, HKU is unable/unwilling to give me a student card until 2nd semester begins. which has meant no ready access to internet. (however it should be better now, as a kind fellow mac-user in class has registered my wireless card as one under his account)