the insanity of recruitment

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I was reassured to know I’m not alone in thinking it’s insane to recruit students after only one year of law school (and I was starting to doubt myself, just because of the huge importance that’s placed on recruitment). I really need to talk to my non-law friends more… wait, do I have non-law friends anymore?

Few other professions slot students onto career paths so early, prompting some experts to worry that too much job stress is shouldered by students at a time when they should be focusing on their studies.

“Students start worrying about their job chances before they even open their textbooks in second year.”

(Globe and Mail)

As much as I try to distance myself and stay collected, I do find it troubling. It gives the appearance that everyone knows what they will be doing in two years when they graduate. Both unrealistic and neurotic — but maybe there is a certain ‘type’ that goes into law after all…

My friend Albert was interviewed for the article and his comments on diversity coincide with my feelings as I was browsing a Québec firm’s website last night… at first I was impressed that there were pictures and profiles of every single person in the firm. But as soon as I saw them lined up together, and they were all whitewashed (and incidentally looked Québécois, if I am able to discern that), I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach… that either I, or they, wouldn’t want me working there, or at least it might be difficult for me to “fit in”.

Of course this can be defended (to some extent) by the fact that it is Québec, so it narrows the field down to (a) those that can work in French and (b) those who can practise in the civil law tradition.

…but that also supposedly includes me when I’m done here.