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went to my first screening at the 31st Hong Kong International Film Festival. the lineup looks amazing–deliberately kept myself from looking too much at the programme, or I’d buy a zillion tickets.

spattering of films I’m going to see:

the bimo records (recording the lives of a tribe in sichuan province)

whispers and moans (about the sex industry in HK)

before the flood (about the destruction of a village due to the three-gorges project)

love for share (indonesian film, stories of multiple wives in polygamous relationships)

luxury car (hunanese drama)


ma wu jia

I happened to pick many chinese films but of course there are a wide variety of others, from tajikistani to iranian to italian… and a canadian one I want to see (following edward burtynsky‘s travels in india and china for his “manufactured landscapes” exhibit, which I happened to catch in montreal a couple of years ago).