go! go! curry

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japanese curry joint
go! go! curry

inspired by the village voice, I decided to head all the way down to west 38th for this japanese curry shop.


not too bad and quite filling (I had a medium sized katsu curry for $7.50, but there are smaller and larger portions too): basically a pork cutlet laid on top of a generous serving of rice and covered in curry sauce (which, as the menu notes by every item, “* contains pork”).

the shop has a tv showing japanese food/game shows and pictures of baseballer Matsui all over the walls. but the best part was this poster I found in front of me, while I ate at the counter:


Biggest Curry in US as far as we know!
Can you finish it?
Weighs 5.5lb.
Even that Hot Dog Eater would be overwhelmed!

(that ‘hot dog eater’ of course being the japanese dude that keeps winning the coney island hot dog-eating contest)

Go! Go! Curry
273 W 38th St, New York