free at last, free at last

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the relief didn’t hit after my last exam when about a hundred 2nd year law students invaded thomson house… it was hours later when I stumbled to the metro and realized I didn’t have to THINK ABOUT ANYTHING, I could just look around, at people, at buildings, at the sky…

it was also the first time I noticed the poem behind mont-royal metro on the side of a brick building. that wouldn’t seem so weird, except that it takes up the whole side of the building… completely oblivious me.

tango de montréal — Gérald Godin

Sept heures et demie du matin métro de Montréal
c’est plein d’immigrants
ça se lève de bonne heure
ce monde-là

le vieux coeur de la ville
battrait-il donc encore
grâce à eux

ce vieux coeur usé de la ville
avec ses spasmes
ses embolies
ses souffles au coeur
et tous ses défauts

et toutes les raisons du monde qu’il aurait
de s’arrêter
de renoncer

  1. FP - Calgary

    Congrats on your last Exam. Does it mean you are done now with your law school?