epiphany! epiphany!

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I was starting to panic (as I have been daily) about wtf I am going to write 15 more pages about in my paper, but my unproductiveness was probably a sign from my brain that I needed to rest.

During exams the law library closes at 11:45 pm, so I had to find somewhere else to work. (side note: regularly it closes at 9:15, or even 7:45 on weekends–something law students regularly complain about. how sad.) Went to one of the second cups by concordia, but since it was just a freaking zoo there, my friend J and I ended up at tim horton’s. And despite the fact that all day I only managed to write 2 measly pages, I just couldn’t face my laptop again–instead I commiserated and contemplated with J about exams, careers, summer business plans, political philosophies, and yes, even patent laws (which is what my paper is about, specifically about the access to medicines problem and TRIPS).

I guess I needed to shoot the shit for a couple of hours, because it was on the 10-minute bus ride home that epiphany hit, and I finally clued in to what was brewing in my paper! brilliant!

so apparently my paper-writing approach is like the (crappy) rodin-analogy they make about the common law: chipping away at the surface to discover the piece of art underneath…

and still I waste my time blogging at 4 am. I’d better get some serious sleep, because I would love to finish this 35-pager tomorrow.