another day

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  • 11.00: shamefully eat a bowl of indonesian instant noodles, so I can rush to meet my group for our presentation tomorrow.
  • 11.30: our presentation is about reforming the healthcare system in HK. don’t know why they think a 50-slide powerpoint slide can be done in less than half an hour.
  • 13.45: finish unexpectedly early, call trusted dim sum partner.
  • 14.15: dim sum in sheung wan (50% off after 14h). char siu bao, 日式燒賣, fried man-tou (& condensed milk), tripe, vegetable dumplings, pan-fried radish cakes. red bean soup.
  • 16.00: meet D-E to practise our cantonese presentation. one of those korean girls with perfect english–and in both my cantonese and mandarin classes.
  • 17.00: classmates enjoy our imitation of riding the bus in HK and ordering dim sum (in cantonese).
  • 18.00: begin the “moot” simulation of dispute settlement in the WTO. represent a developed country contesting the regulations & fees that our developing country opponents have slapped on our products. our prof starts heavily criticizing one of the girls on that team. again. 3 hours of this? sigh.
  • 21.15: walk back into residence to find the “goodbye” party starting in the common room. get a superpass lai-see from the warden. witness the warden cut the pig in half in one stroke.
  • 22.00: go back to my room to have yet another phone interview with a judge in canada. ok-lah.
  • 22.30: return downstairs to receive a certificate:
    "who has achieved to have an memorable hall life."
    "who has achieved to have an memorable hall life."
  • 24.00: walk down the hill to kennedy-town for late dinner at ho-ho (可可店).