a night at the races

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waiting for the next race
waiting for the next race

went to happy valley (跑马地) last night and bet on the horses.

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  1. gg

    Hi, found your blog via Ced (smurfmatic). Just wanted to say I love the airport mini-review (Sat 03 Feb 07). Singapore I thought was kind of weird letting you in almost right to the gate itself before you get screened and X-rayed, vs other places with the big post-screening lounges. But it also has the quickest embarking and disembarking I’ve ever seen, so it must be right.

    Why can’t Canadian airports be nice and modern too? Though Toronto and Ottawa aren’t bad nowadays.

  2. xw

    you’re right, in retrospect that was the fastest airport transit time I’ve ever seen–gotta love that singaporean efficiency.

    montreal ain’t too bad lately either, after those years of taking my airport fees!!