big print

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tired of staring at our empty walls, I somewhat impulsively went onto japan photo’s website last night and ordered a 60cm x 90cm print of this photo:

if it turns out okay, our apartment may get filled up rather quickly… maybe this is the solution to that needed coat of paint!

fake tv

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latest cool thing at the gadget store:

FakeTV simulates the light of a real HDTV television. From outside the house, it looks like someone is home watching TV and the burglar is encouraged to pick an easier target.

switched to wordpress

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my frustration with comment spam + my newly found free time = my decision to make the switch to wordpress.

pretty swanky, but a pain to transfer all my photos… slowly chugging through but it will be awhile before all the old photos properly show up.

my old blog can still be accessed here.

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