Taiwanese dogs

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People in Taipei have a very different relationship with their dogs than I’m accustomed to. Part of it is pragmatic: with the density of the city and the reliance on scooters for transportation, I guess it’s inevitable that people will bring their dogs along for the drive. With no one batting an eye. Well, except me.

scooter dog in YongheScooter dog at Science & Technology Building Station

Even worse are the dog strollers. People actually push their dogs around in what at first glance look like baby strollers–but for dogs! On a good day, I give them the benefit of the doubt and presume it’s because they need to take their dog on the subway. Yet I’ve never seen one on the MRT.

I just don’t think “walking the dog” was meant to be done this way. -_-

dog strollerdog stroller

(Sorry for the poor quality photos, I took them covertly — as if *I* should be embarrassed!)