midsummer night

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Last Wednesday was the longest day of the year, and a traditional day to have a big bonfire party in Norway. I was at my in-laws’ new cabin by the sea (well, in a fjord), and that night they had a big barbecue:

It was a nice summer party, but a couple of funny things: some of the guests arrived by boat (it seems like everyone around here has a boat), and all of the guests brought their own food. And I’m not talking about a potluck-style thing where you bring enough for everyone. No, everyone brought their own food: their own plates, their own pork chops/sausages/salad/potatoes, their own utensils, and of course their own wine. I guess it’s practical, but really strangely individualistic…

waving away guests at midnight

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  1. z

    So, does that tag mean you’re finnoyed?

    Glad to hear you had a good solstice – looks like a nice party.

  2. Meg

    So, how are you adjusting to the daylight? Today its raining here and I got to admit, I’m glad for the overcast kind of dark sky. Makes me feel like I’m not “wasting daylight” as my good midwest parents would say.

    • xanawu

      Hehe I know what you mean–I’m finally able to sleep (or at least keep track of time) better now that it’s starting to get dark again at night! But it still does not look “normal” to me unless it’s rainy and overcast…