man-eating pandas

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I’m at my cousin E’s housewarming (nevermind that he’s been living there for months), and we start talking about China.

him: “WHAT? you haven’t been to the panda sanctuary?!”

me: “er….”

…so one of the highlights of Chengdu in Sichuan province (besides the *fabulous* scenery and this rumour that the girls are the most beautiful in china) is supposedly this panda sanctuary, north of the city. Being a ‘highlight’ means that every 5 minutes or so someone will ask if you want to go see the pandas. which I didn’t. but they still asked. I finally got fed up and started telling people that I was deathly afraid of pandas, with a terrified expression on my face. I thought this was funny.

but man, did my cousin ever show me up on that one.