korketrekkeren: the best tobogganing you’ll ever do

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Winter is generally a crappy time to visit Oslo: it’s cold, it’s dark, and it ain’t pretty. But upon my family’s visit this February, I decided to take my brother out to try Korketrekkeren (“the corkscrew”), a toboggan run I’d often heard about. So one afternoon we took the subway all the way to the end (about a 45-minute ride), dropped the parents and baby off at Kafe Seterstua, and found the rental shop next door to grab toboggans (and helmets).


Why in the world didn’t I try this sooner?? The track was amazing! Apparently it used to be the bobsled track for the Winter Olympics (Oslo = 1952), but now it’s a lit, groomed path solely for toboggans, complete with bumps (or were those jumps?)! With a length of 2 km (and a 255 m drop), the run conveniently starts and ends at a subway stop (Frognerseteren to Midtstuen), so all you have to do is hop on the train and ride the seven stops back to the top. (Whoever came up with this idea is a genius, a genius!)

Fellow sledders waiting for the subway at Midtstuen

Notice that none of these sledders are kids… 😉

  1. meg

    we NEED that here! sounds fantastic.