exciting natural whale meat!

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this weekend I passed by this tent in Aker Brygge, and the signs out front caught my eye:

Okay, specifically I was intrigued by “whale wok” (wok is the term in Norwegian for stir-fry) and “whale kebab”. I went in to see if I could find the kebabs, but this is the closest I found:

You can’t tell from the photo, but it was a guy frying what basically looked like giant lumps of kidney. So, not very appetizing. Oh well–just your average Oslo Sunday afternoon, minus the whale kebabs.

This was all to promote some fishing/whaling association, with a nice whale ad:

[Whale meat. An exciting, natural and healthy ingredient.]

I guess they figured a picture of Shamu next to the hunk of meat wouldn’t sell, so they had to settle for a boring iceberg…