Enrolling in Public Elementary School – Part 2

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As promised, our local elementary school (Ren’Ai) published the priority student list on May 5th. Thankfully we were on it, but it was ten pages long with nearly 600 names! The official letter came a week later by registered mail…

Basically, student registration is open from June 7 to 20th (9 am to 5 pm) and we were instructed to use the QR code to get to the registration page. If you’re unable to fill out the information online, you can bring your ID and household registration to the school to register. Parents are fined $300 per day if the child is not enrolled.

So when June 7th rolled around, I scanned the QR code and reached this page (https://eschool.tp.edu.tw/new/):

This page is mostly to fill in emergency contact information, any special needs (e.g. allergies) for the child, that sort of thing. But there was also an interesting section for choosing what “local language” (本土語言) class to take:

Here is the list of languages that were available: (!)
local language selection in Taipei

Well, Norwegian was not on the list… 😉 So we went with Taiwanese 閩南語, which is likely the most common selection.

Had a lot of help from my mom, but we managed to fill this all out! Grade 1, here we come…