Why, hello Toronto

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CN Tower

I’ve just accepted a new job! For two months I’ll be at Toronto HQ before returning to work in Taipei. First impressions: major jetlag, amazing food options (customized burritos, great Thai food, 水煮鱼, and even kotu roti all within a few blocks), obsession with using mobile apps to order food (I’m looking at you, Ritual and Uber Eats), hover boards, catching up with old friends, and hopefully making new ones at work. So far so good, but it’ll be a busy 9 weeks…

deep excavation

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A new apartment building is being constructed across the street from our place, and from our balcony we can see everything that’s going on. I don’t know if it’s related to earthquake readiness, but I’ve noticed that many new buildings have at least 3 floors constructed below ground–and the building across from us is no exception. Never occurred to me before how they construct these underground floors, but they’ve already set the surrounding concrete foundation, and now they’re sending a small excavator down daily to continue the digging.

Here they are, hooking the excavator to the crane:

Hooking up the excavator (1 of 4)

We have lift off:

Lifting the excavator (2 of 4)Going to send it down... (3 of 4)

And now down the hatch!

Excavator in the hole! (4 of 4)

MRT public service announcement

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This is a friendly reminder from the MRT, at the subway stop closest to where I live:

Subway public service announcement

“When something’s wrong… Defend yourself with what you can find.”

I’m really not clear on what scenarios inspired this billboard, but it’s apparently something you can attack with your backpack or umbrella.

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