cursive coffee

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Very small coffee bar that’s easy to miss with all the crowds at Q-Square Mall. It’s not a cheap place for coffee, but the care that they take in slowly hand-brewing your cup feels like a luxury. The woman at the counter allowed us to smell small samples of the beans they had on offer. I opted for the dark roast Taipei Mambo ($NT135), and my friend took a lighter African blend. The woman promptly ground my beans, heated my cup (yes, even a paper takeaway cup), and cooled boiling water to a specific temperature before carefully pouring it in a circular motion over a drip filter. It was really good! (I admit I didn’t even need to take sugar in my coffee!)

Cursive Coffee

Cursive Coffee
Q-Square Mall (京站)
B2/F, No.1, Section 1, Chengde Road, Datong District, Taipei

nom nom restaurant

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I have a few days of freedom (sans enfant!) so I thought I would see a little more of Taipei. (As an added bonus, I set up my youbike card, but more on that later.) I headed to check out the famous Yong Kang street, and in the neighbourhood I discovered some cute street art:

There was even a little nook, with a bookshelf containing several placards that appear to describe neighbourhood projects like the street art and a community garden.

But I digress… what I really wanted to tell you was that right next door, this sign caught my eye:
nom nom

Who could resist a place called nom nom? Not me, apparently! A cute little place with a brunch menu with dishes bearing names like the Woody Allen (smoked salmon salad roll, bagel with sweet potato cream cheese, potatoes with a spicy meat sauce, eggs), the Mike Wozoeski (cheese sausage, Frankfurter, eggs, toast), Happy Bunny (cream sauce mushrooms, eggs, potatoes, sourdough), and Girlfriends (caramel French toast with eggs and hashbrowns).
nom nom restaurant

All brunch items come with coffee, juice, and yoghurt. I chose the Traveler (NT$330): eggs Benedict, one with bacon and the other with smoked salmon. And when it came to the table, it looked amazing.
The Traveller brunch set
bacon eggs benedict

The hollandaise was a bit unconventional, being on the sweet side, and the eggs were slightly overcooked (no runniness at all)–but overall the food was really tasty and I would definitely come again. They also had a few desserts in a display case, and the apple pie was really tempting: the apples looked nicely cooked together like in a tarte tatin!
Looking forward to my next visit!

nom nom
No. 137, Chaozhou St, Da’an District (大安區潮州街137號)

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