Typhoon Megi 

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Typhoon Megi: fallen tree in Taipei

Typhoon Megi resulted in two official days off for Taipei, as well as a temporary shutdown of the water mains because the supply got flooded with muddy water. Elsewhere in Taiwan fared worse, with four casualties, power outages, and agricultural losses. In Taipei, the main visible damage was to the trees, and flooding around the riverside.

Typhoon Megi tree damage in Taipei

As to what happens during a typhoon: so far not much, because we’re smart (and lucky) enough to stay inside. It’s typically mostly just bearing with the hours of rattling and howling from the crazy winds (though if you break a window, I guess things get more exciting real fast). And checking the news and Facebook for work cancellations, utility outages, and general updates on the storm. I’ve been checking earth.nullschool.net for weather visualizations; here’s a screenshot I took as Megi was approaching Taiwan…

Recovering from illness

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S has been sick for a couple of days, but today he insisted on having fish balls. This means going to 王記府城肉粽 down the block, which–although known mainly for their zongzi (bamboo-leaf-wrapped sticky rice)–also serves a mean fish ball soup.

First meal after being sick

After eating, we sat on a bench and watched the traffic go by.

Bade Road


Taiwanese dogs

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People in Taipei have a very different relationship with their dogs than I’m accustomed to. Part of it is pragmatic: with the density of the city and the reliance on scooters for transportation, I guess it’s inevitable that people will bring their dogs along for the drive. With no one batting an eye. Well, except me.

scooter dog in YongheScooter dog at Science & Technology Building Station

Even worse are the dog strollers. People actually push their dogs around in what at first glance look like baby strollers–but for dogs! On a good day, I give them the benefit of the doubt and presume it’s because they need to take their dog on the subway. Yet I’ve never seen one on the MRT.

I just don’t think “walking the dog” was meant to be done this way. -_-

dog strollerdog stroller

(Sorry for the poor quality photos, I took them covertly — as if *I* should be embarrassed!)

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