DJ Jazzy Jeff!

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Just happen to be outside at Chiang Kai-Shek memorial hall while DJ Jazzy Jeff does a set at the World DJ Championships… 😯👌 

Oh yeah, and there was this, too:

Good friends

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Putting an arm around his friend as they wait for the subway to come 🤗 #fiveyearsold

Watermelon bread from Yilan

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Watermelon bread from Yilan (technically “watermelon toast,” per the Chinese)… 🍞🍉😆 There’s a yellow watermelon version too!

The packaging
Crazy watermelon bread…


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Why don’t we see more handmade tofu restaurants? Went to DeliSoys today and their tomato-stewed tofu skin 番茄雙拼燴豆包 was soooo good! I also tasted the sautéed tofu (鐵板醬燒豆腐), and it certainly tastes better than the regular tofu you get in other restaurants. Here you see them preparing some tofu skin (#豆皮), but that can’t possibly be enough for the whole restaurant…

上善豆家 DeliSoys
No.16, Lane 107, Section 1 Fuxing S. Road
Google Maps

Totto chicken ramen, Taipei

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Still my favourite ramen place in Taipei! Even though technically it’s from NYC… Who knew chicken ramen broth could be so good…

Chicken broth ramen with seared pork at Totto Taipei

Totto Ramen
No. 9號, Alley 5, Lane 107, Section 1, Fuxing South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106


Google Maps

Wanna pant, but can’t?

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Norwegian joke found on the back of a Tommy & Tigern we inherited. (Actually, that’s probably the cruelest joke of all, translating Calvin and Hobbes to “Tommy and the Tiger”) 🐯😢 

(Pant is the deposit you pay for plastic bottles, refundable when you return the empty bottle to the grocery store.)

wanna pant, but can't?

Taipei Julebord 2018

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This year’s Julebord (Taipei edition) was held at Woolloomooloo! It’s been organized annually by the one other Norwegian family we know here (John & Yili), but sadly they will be moving away next year (to Norway)! This year about 30+ people came out.

I must say the restaurant did an amazing job with the ribbe. The owner Jimmy explained to me that pigs in Taiwan are raised to achieve several layers of fat… the results of which you can see here! The pork was crazy fatty, the skin crispy and crunchy: just perfect.

More photos from that evening — the kids had fun too!

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